Saturday, June 3, 2023

When Spring Came to Bucha (2023) Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2023

This is a record of what happened when the Russians withdrew from a small town in Ukraine after destroying as much as they could manage. The resulting film is a record of the human spirit to go on in the face of great tragedy. We watch as the people clear the rubble of explosives and then slowly  try  putting things right, rebuilding and getting back to their lives as best they can.

The power and importance of WHEN SPRING CAME TO BUCHA is not in that it records what happens in one small town, rather its in the recording of the human spirit. We see how live life goes on after war. This is a story that has played out for millennia as invaders came in, busted stuff up and then left. Here is a film that shows us what happens in real life as real people try to go back. It's a moving tale full of hope, that maybe we can pull out surviving the madness.


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