Tuesday, July 25, 2023

A pointer toward J005311 (2023) Japan Cuts 2023

This is not a review  but merely a pointer toward J005311. It’s a pointer because having seen the film I know I was exactly the wrong audience for this film, however I have a good number of friends who will absolutely love this film.

This is a low fi film of long takes and silences concerning a young man who offers to pays another man a million yen if he will take him to a location in the country.  The film is largely the trip to the destination. It is an observational film  where what isn’t said is as important as what is.

Sometimes films like this work for me and sometimes they don’t. This time out it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong the film isn’t bad, simply not my cup of tea.

If you are fan of long takes and silences this film is a must when it plays at Japan Cuts.

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