Sunday, July 2, 2023

Remixed (2023) Dances With Films 2023

A pregnant woman with a shaky marriage finds a box left to her years earlier by her dead brother. In it is a bucket list scavenger hunt he wants her to complete. With two friends in tow she heads off to give it a try.

First episode of a series left me feeling uncertain about the future. Where is the series going to go after a certain number of episodes? I'm not certain. Frankly I'm of the opinion this probably would have been a feature film with a definite ending.

While not bad I'm not certain what I think. Honestly there is are a couple of reasons I don't normally do review series where I'm only given a single episode (The first episode is more often then not the rest of the series, and you can't see where it's going to be five or ten episodes down the road) and my mixed feelings for this single episode reflect that.

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