Tuesday, July 18, 2023

A pointer towards Motherhood (2023) NYAFF 2023

I have seen MOTHERHOOD and I can't fairly review the film. The problem is not anything to do with the film itself, rather it was how it was sent to me and the issues I had while trying to play it. While I eventually was able to sort those issues out and I was able to see the film sans technical issues, I know that my feelings toward the film were effected by the first go through.

The film is a look back at what happened to drive a teen aged girl to commit suicide. She seemed to have everything, however her relationship with her mother was strained. Her mother was loving toward everyone except her. Indeed she had a wonderful relationship with her own mother,

 The film is an artistic and literary attempt to show the relationships of mothers and daughters. It is very much a mannered art film and I'm kind of surprised this isn't playing the New York Film Festival instead of the New York Asian Film Festival because the film is closer to the films that play later in the year.

Beyond that I don't feel comfortable critiquing the film simply because of the above mentioned issues, though I would be very interested in seeing the same material handed by female director.

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