Friday, July 28, 2023

APORIA (2023) Fantasia 2023

A year after her husband was killed in a drunk driving accident a woman makes the acquaintance of man who might be able to bend time and bring her husband back. The trouble is if they bring him back there is no way to know what the repercussions of doing so will be.

Moody examination of grief and the things we sometimes do to end it. Would we better if we bring someone back? Can we live with the changes that doing so will bring? The answers are not always what we’d expect.

I really like the path this film takes. Not taking the same old path that was taken by similar films, the film brings us a lot of really interesting twists that most filmmakers don’t deal with. The most obvious is that the film treats everything that happens as a matter of life and not as part of a science fiction thriller. The emotion is real and not something created by a screenwriter.

That the film remains grounded is due entirely to the great cast headed by Judy Greer. They play everything as if this was just a regular drama so the emotions are closer to real. I was moved.

If the film has any problems its that at times it’s a bit too brooding. There times where a sadness overwhelms some of the proceeding. While it give the film a wonderful bittersweet feel, it also makes the film not always some place we want to dwell. At other times the film pauses to take a look at life so that we see life is going on while the characters stagnate and while I appreciate what they are doing they also tend to be a little bit too long.

Reservation aside I like the film  and if you want a differing take on “time travel” give this film a look.

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