Monday, July 31, 2023

TOUCH KINK (2023) Fantasia 2023

Touch Kink is a documentary look at people who enjoy BDSM. It’s a collection of interviews with people across the spectrum and includes video of people enjoying sessions of play.

I’m kind of mixed on this film.  While I think the film is a very good primer for those who are curious of BDSM, I’m not sure how it is beyond that.

Don’t get me wrong the film does what it is intended to do which is demystify the kink and make it welcoming to anyone who is interested in participating, but there is a point where the presentation slips into a clinical and a sales film mode. I found I was distancing myself from the film with the result I admire it more than I like it.

Admittedly part of the problem is because of my own experiences. While BDSM is not really my cup of tea, despite having had a girlfriend who really enjoyed the role play, the scene as shown in this film is not very interesting to me. The whole dominatrix/master/slave dynamic has never appealed to me. I know several people who love it because it allows them to keep things in neat boxes, but outside of the fashion it leaves me cold.  Because of this there was a certain point about a third of the way into the film where I kind of raised my hand said I was done.

If you’re curious and want an in to the world it is showing do see the film. If not, take a pass.

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