Sunday, July 23, 2023


Odds are unless you've seen the earlier films from directors Juan Gonzalez and Fernando Martinez you've not seen anything quite like THE FANTASTIC GOLEM AFFAIRS. Trust me on this, this is a one of a kind film.

The film begins with a man named Juan being shocked not only that his best friend was killed by falling off the roof of his apartment building but that he shattered into a million pieces because he wasn't human, but a golem.  This sends him on a quest to find out what was going on, but also into very unexpected places.

I really can't explain what this film is like so you just have to see it. I am not saying that as a dodge not to review it but when you consider that it has it's own view which riffs on the visuals of THE ROOM, steals from Wes Anderson, TV sketch comedy shows, and a dozen other sources plus it has a cast that is fully invested in the loopiness by playing it essentially straight.This world exists two universes over from our own.

Watching the film blind as to it's insanity, I was kind of thrown off. The film was playing by a new set of rules. I mean films are not structured like this. GOnzalez and Martinez take the premise of movies being able to do anything to a new level by creating a film whose stories, while rooted in reality (these are all real people) have no boundaries. The film has it's own world and it operates on those rules. It is initially confusing, but once we realize we aren't in Kansas but some where else it all falls into place and we are willing to go with it anywhere.

In a weird way the film is kind of like the work of Quentin Dupieux, except it's less forced and more natural. Dupiex is usually trying to make a point and he curves things for his ends, Gonzalez and Martinez are telling you a story and bending things to do that. I think this actually works better since I came out feeling attached to the world and not just bits of a story.

If you want an off Hollywood experience that will show you their is still people doing wondrous things with film see THE FANTASTIC GOLEM AFFAIRS.

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