Saturday, July 22, 2023

Vincent Must Die (2023) Fantasia 2023

A bland middle aged man finds that people are suddenly trying to kill him for no reason. It obviously turns his life upside down and he is forced to retreat away from society. What starts off as a dark comedy loses the laughs as it goes dark as Vincent finds his life turned upside down. 

Say what you will, this is a dark and disturbing film. The violence is explosive and ugly. Say what you will about the film at any other point the film is going to get under your skin and make you feel uncomfortable. Part of it is the refusal of the film not to look away from the violence and part of it is the cast who sell the insanity. You buy the  horror  because you believe the people on the screen.

As good as so much of the film is I'm not certain the plot hangs together. The problem is that as the film shifts from the world attacking one guy to other people being targets the film begins to raise questions that it never really tries to answer. Indeed, as the stakes got higher and higher I realized that somethings weren't hanging together. For example the reaction to Vincent and the other being attacked is kind of  treated more as an inconvenience for every one and then toward the end the attacks are considered a serious matter (of course it would since it escalated so). The internal logic has bumps or breaks  because it allows the film to go and do what the filmmakers want it to.

As much as I am disappointed in the uneven internal logic, I love that the film doesn't go as expected. If you think I gave anything away in the above discussion of the internal logic, you're wrong. This film takes turns that I never saw coming. With so many films insisting on doing exactly what is expected, it's a joy to find a film that doesn't go as you expect it to.

While I don't think the film is perfect I think this film is worth your time. How could I not recommend it since it doesn't go as expected and it will absolutely provoke a reaction from you.

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