Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Almost Home: Life After Incarceration (2023)

This is an excellent look at life after lock up. Specifically it’s a look at how those released from prison are attempting to reintegrate back into society. It’s not a  boiler plate feel good film but a carefully considered film that ponders what do we need to do to help the people we lock up for crimes.

The film follows several people connected with a program in Southern California aimed at helping released prisoners get back on their feet. It’s a programmed designed to teach the men and women what they need to do and most importantly to give them support when things look dark. As one of the counselors says the fact that the members are willing open up to each other opens everyone up because they see that they are no alone in feeling what they do.

One of the most moving things this film does is illustrates the statement  that everyone who goes to jail essentially is getting a life sentence. That may not sound right but it is when you consider how our society nominally sends people away to serve their time so they may come back and be welcomed into society. The trouble is with few exceptions they aren’t. Jobs are limited, and the rules they have to live by are often ridiculous, so while they may have served their time they are still locked up. No wonder the rate or re-offending is so high.

ALMOST HOME is a moving film. It really shows us that the end of prison isn’t the  end of serving time. It shows us that the system that should make everyone safe is actually working to make it so that isn’t so. I reveals forcefully that more needs to be done to break the cycle,.

This is a super film and highly recommended.

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