Monday, July 17, 2023

Marry My Dead Body (2022) NYAFF 2023 Fantasia 2023

Hot shot homophobic cop finds himself on the wrong end of a run of bad luck. Not only are his cases going south he also has picked up a red envelope indicating that he must commit to a ghost marriage, in this case with a recently deceased young man.  In order to get his life and career back in order he must team up with his ghost husband and solve the drug case he recently messed up.

This is a form over content film that  you have to just roll with because it's so over the top. It's also so sweet that you may take insulin. It's an action film that desperately wants you to like it and for you to take it's message about acceptance to heart. Make no mistake it's charming and well done but a also kind of annoying because it's so insistent.

For me the big problem with the film is it's over use of CGI. Everything about this film has been touched by computer effects to the point where it's all cartoony and completely unreal. It's especially  bad during all the action sequences where everything is unreal and lacks weight, both physically and emotionally- we are watching constructs and as a result there is no emotional connection. There is no suspense. There are jokes, but no threats of danger. Its enjoyable but slightly disaapointing.

Reservations aside this film is worth a look.

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