Sunday, July 30, 2023

Nightcap 7/30/23 - Bluesky, Danielle Solzman is talking baseball, quick reviews, foreshadowing longer pieces, What is your NYAFF reaction


A few random notes …

I’m now on Blue Sky. I’ve some how been able to make it easy by having managed to grab unseenfilms there as well ( Posting will be less often then Twitter or X or whatever Elon wants to call his money loser, owing to I can’t be on all the platforms all day, but I will be sending my pieces there.


Good friend Danielle Solzman has new gig writing on baseball. Her DUGOUT DIRT is the place she will talking about all thing baseball including her visits to the National Sports Collectors Convention. This is good stuff about more than just baseball.

If you like baseball or even sports you should be reading her reporting. I've spent many a night on line going back and forth with her about whatever games we were watching at the time. It was great times.

I know many of you read Danielle's film writing and this is just more good stuff so just go to DUGOUT DIRT and subscribe and enjoy.


I saw some of AVATAR THE WAY OF WATER and turned it off half way in.  Like the first film it looks spectacular but the story didn’t move me and I really didn’t care.

I tried TERRIFIER again. It’s well done but not my cup of tea. I don’t like that it feels like it’s a series of pieces put together for effect as opposed to telling a story.

EVIL DEAD RISES is great looking film with some great set pieces, but it never fully grabbed me. Though honestly it’s the point where I realized that outside of the first film I never quite liked any of the films in the series.

The long in coming Jackie Chan John Cena film HIDDEN STRIKE (it's been trying to get released since 2018 apparently) is a mess. It's set in a world of oil wars and green screen. It's all freaking green screen and computer generated imagery. It just doesn't work.


I suspect that it has more to do with the mass exodus from Twitter, but I am kind of shocked at the reaction to certain films on social media.  Everyone is taking films to task for not treating their subjects with politically correct views or turns. Numerous people have taken OPPENHIEMER to task for not showing the Japanese side of things. I’m puzzled by this because there really would be no way to shoe horn that into the proceedings. Additionally I’m of the opinion that that had they included that side of the story we would have been told it didn’t belong.

I’m working on a longer piece on the subject but people have to stop insisting on injecting modern views into older time periods. How people viewed things and each other was different than today and we can’t retcon things to fit nicely in how we want to see the world. Things were not like they are now and changing how things are in films and literature  to prevent offense or correct how things were doesn’t make it so. Bad things happened and people believed bad things and there were not Hollywood endings.


Things here at Unseen Films will be changing over the next few months. Life has happened and coupled with some things happening that are no making covering films as fun as it used to means I’ll be cutting back.  Things have been so not fun at times I’ve seriously been considering just pulling the plug. That isn’t going to happen but I just really need to step away lest I kick someone in the shins.

I suspect that the major changes will come after the New York Film  Festival…

I’ll have more details in a later post.


With NYAFF just about done the question is what do you all think of it?

Then again did any of you go? 

I'm not being snarky, I'm curious since talk concerning the festival was largely nonexistent in my social media sweeps except for Eastern Kicks and the festival (which was quieter than other festivals happening at the same time) or Lincoln Center.  And outside of questions concerning the free tickets no one has asked me about the festival at all- until the last couple of years I used to have steady conversations leading up to and during the festival. Even the press office has been quiet 

I know there were sellouts and all of that but outside of one friend most people I know did not attend more than one or two screenings - and those tended to be the free ones

I'm curious what your thoughts are concerning the choice of Monkey King as the closing film. If anyone goes let me know what the attendance was- I ask because a couple people I know have decided to bail on the film since they are either not interested or not going to stay late into the city to see a film thats on Netflix in a couple of weeks (my reason for not using my ticket)


I 'm curious what is going to happen to festivals and releases as the strike continues on.  It seems the only safe release maybe DUNE PART 2 If only in that it's booked for 6 weeks in IMAX theaters and there is no similar window available to it if it moves.


I have applied to NYFF so we will see what happens.

I have a multiple film pass so there definitely will be coverage


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