Sunday, July 30, 2023

With Love and a Major Organ (2023) Fantasia 2023

In a world where everything is controlled by apps, and where you can control your emotions by simply removing your heart, a young woman removes her heart after a romantic mishap.  This turns her into a kind of emotionless drone, whose life becomes complicated when her heart is stolen.

Off beat romantic comedy is set in a world not so far removed from our own. Sure the idea of everything, including your heart, being controlled by an app on your phone may sound completely crazy, except that more and more everything is being controlled by apps on our phone.  What I love about the film is that it’s just different enough that I would love to spend an afternoon or two wandering abound inside it so that I could really see what it’s like. I say this because the world is beautifully constructed that we buy it without thinking. That may not sound like much but how often do you see a movie set and never forget it's a movie. Here we forget that this isn’t remotely reality, it’s just another story of life.

And that the film keeps it real is what makes the film so charming. Sure it’s about a literal stolen heart, the emotions and interactions are very human. This is a romantic comedy of a different sort and the fact that the film is purely focused on the character is what makes this work so well. We are seeing things, both the tropes of the genre and our genuine emotions through a different lens and as a result we are enlightened and engaged.

I was delighted.

This is a gem of a film destined for a long life.


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