Sunday, July 23, 2023

BEST WISHES TO ALL (2023) Japan Cuts 2023

If you want a film that is completely unlike any other out there BEST WISHES TO ALL is a just for you. A wild, often surreal ride, the film is a trip into the heart and mind of a young woman who goes to visit her grand parents. It is nominally a look at what makes people happy but it takes some dark and twisted turns. I’s a film that is wild and crazy. It’s not a film that is bright and sunny for it’s whole running time.

You’ll forgive me for my lack of clarity in discussing the film but how you react to the film is going to be determined by how much you know going in. I went into the film literally knowing nothing. I was given a number of Japan Cuts films for review and I simply watched the film blind. That may sound insane, but having been going to Japan Cuts for almost two decades I trust the programmers completely and I’m willing to go where ever they want to take me. Where they wanted to take me was on a wild ride that had me completely engaged and completely unsure of where things were going or how they would play out. This is the sort of magnificent cinematic experience we so rarely get these days.

If you are like me and tired of films that are repeating everything that has gone before, BEST WISHES TO ALL is going to be a breath of fresh air. You may not like where it takes you at times but I’m pretty certain you will be happy you went when the credits roll.

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