Sunday, July 16, 2023

Cowboy, Choker, Harness and Heart (2023) Outfest

Premiering at Outfest Cowboy, Choker, Harness and Heart is the story of what happens in a bathroom during a gay rave.

A visceral and in your face film, this is an experience that is going to open the eyes of some people. 

While the subject matter isn’t my cup of tea, I did fall in love  with the way the film was crafted. Beautifully shot and framed in such away that the film has a real tactile feel to it, you are assaulted by the feel, taste and smell of the bathroom, this is filmmaking of the highest order. I am already a fan of co-director Julia Ponce Diaz thanks to her earlier film  SOREDIA, this film is an eye opening introduction to the work of Nicol├ís Blanco, now I want to see what he does next. Actually I would love to see what this pair could do with a feature film.  The way they crafted this film makes me want to see the wonder of what comes next.

Recommended for consenting adults 

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