Friday, July 28, 2023

Sanka: Nomads of the Mountain (2023) Japan Cuts 2023


Low key coming of age film is perfect for those who want a quiet meditative film.

Set in the 1960’s a young man goes to visit his grandparents in the country there he encounters a nomadic clan who live in the area and has his life changed as a result.

This is a typical coming of age story that has many of the expected moments of stories like this. Normally that might be a death knell for a film like this, but here the story is such that you just go with it because the film is showing us a culture that odds are we are not familiar with. When we think of Japan we don’t think of the people like the Sanka who wander a round a mountain. Instead we think of people who life in the city or in small villages like we see in the movies. This is something new and it keeps us interested.

I really liked this film, and if you are interested in seeing a small gem of a film make your way to the Japan Society when the film plays.

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