Monday, July 24, 2023

Lovely Dark And Deep (2023) Fantasia 2023

What could possibly be the best looking film at this year's Fantasia may very well be one the festival's most obtuse. 

Forest ranger takes a 90 day posting in the back country in order to unravel a past mystery.

This is a film of silences and images. It's a film that works overtime in order to create a mood and feeling. It wants us to be feel off and isolated in the woods.  It's a film that creates it's sense of being off with a marriage of sound and image.

The problem with this film is I'm not sure it adds up too much. There is too much wandering in the woods and too little said. While I love that the film wants to show us what is going on, there are times where it could us a little more explanation, especially in the early part of the film where the mood created by the opening credits and the scenes that follow get dissipated by the half hour point because nothing really happens as we watch our heroine wander in the woods listening to stories of people disappearing in national parks. I emotionally checked out and never really checked back in as I waited simply to see how it ended.

It all looks good but it doesn't add up to much.

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