Thursday, July 27, 2023

Single 8 (2023) Japan Cuts 2023

If you were making super 8 movies when the original Star Wars film came out then SINGLE 8 is a shot of nostalgia. The same goes if you ever made a home movie inspired by a film you saw. This is a glorious film about being young and discovering the things you will love.

Beginning with a riff on the iconic opening to Star Wars SINGLE 8 the film quickly settles in on a couple of friends in the last days of the school year. They have been floored by the Lucas classic and want to do something similar. Putting together friends, including a certain young lady they will want to know better, the pair set about making a film as a summer project.

I was making films when Star Wars came out and watching this film was like reliving portions of my life. Watching the progression of the film I was reliving conversations with my brothers and with my friend Rob. I saw how we would try and figure out how to make our films looking something other than the half as attempt at misdirection we were going for. This was exactly precisely what things were like way back when and as such as I really loved this film.

I do have to give the film additional points for doing something no other film about the making of film has done and that is show us the film. I love that we see the finished film.

What a joy.

If you love movies, if you ever made a movie or if you want to fall back in love with the movies see this film.

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