Sunday, July 30, 2023

MOTHER LAND(2023) Fantasia 2023

Jaebeom Park’s MOTHER LAND is an epic animated fantasy set in the Siberian tundra. It tells the story of Krisha, a young girl who live on the tundra with her parents. When he mother is injured and doesn’t seem to be getting better she heads off to find the legendary red bear that she thinks can heal her mother. Along the way she battle the elements, wolves, her little brother (who stowed away) and Russian General intent on killing the bear himself.

The first Korean stop motion animated film in half a century, MOTHER LAND has it’s own unique feel. This isn’t the fantastic worlds of Lakia and Guillermo Del Toro but a more realistic take on things. The result is a film that feels closer to real and more magical in those special moments.

Running a breezy 69 minutes the film is wonderful gem of  a film that take its time setting everything up. Yes it takes a little bit before we are fully one with the film, but once the ground work is set we are fully rooted and willing to go, and more importantly believe everything we are seeing.

This is truly movie magic of the highest order.

Highly recommended.

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