Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Whitney Huston I Wanna Dance WIth Somebody (2022)


The life and times of Whitney Huston is explored to mixed effect in the film I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

I don’t know who this film was made for. Looking to be a greatest hits and positive look at the singer it seems not to want to offend anyone and comes across as rather bland. Yes, the film kind of deals with the sides of Huston’s life she tried to hide such as an assistant who was actually her girlfriend, but in the process it takes the edge off everything. This is an in offensive march through her life with a gee whiz factor.

I feel bad for Naomi Ackie who stars as Whitney. She isn’t really allowed to ever shine, but simply is required to be a clothes horse  in the big moments of Whitney’s life. The film wants to match all of the footage we’ve seen before with the result that the film and Ackie‘s performance has no life of their own. It doesn’t help that it’s clear Ackie isn’t singing but merely lip syncing.

Honestly while the film isn’t bad, it never soars and it’s almost two and a half hour run time really worked against it.

For fans of Whitney only

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