Monday, July 17, 2023

The Host (2006) NYAFF 2022

A family desperately tries to locate one of their members who was carried off by a giant mutant monster.

Oscar Winner Bong Joon Ho's THE HOST returns to Lincoln Center as part of the New York Asian Film Festival. It originally played as part of the New York Film Festival in 2006. That's when I saw it originally, where the screening burned into my brain as one of the great times at that festival.

When the film played in 2006 most people had no idea who Bong Joon Ho was. Sure some people did, but many people at the screening didn't. More importantly a lot of people there had no idea what they were seeing. They weren't expecting a giant monster movie with a wicked sense of humor. As much as I was enjoying watching the film, there was a point where I kind of stopped watching the film and started watching  the audience- the people freaking out at the scary points, the blue hairs  talking to each other, desperately trying to sort out what it all meant. I remember shaking my head and cursing that the director wasn't there that day because, frankly it would have been a hell of a Q&A.

Now the film is legendary.  Its a classic giant monster film. And if you've never seen it- you must. The film is just a great deal of fun on every level. It's also influenced generations of filmmakers and film lovers.

I can't recommend it.

Just go.

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