Sunday, July 16, 2023


The lives of three Vietnamese women are intertwined in film that blends several short stories by author Nguyen Ngoc Tu, into an often visually amazing film about the forces the inhabit our lives.

If you ever want to know how the NYAFF has changed over the last half decade one need only compare this film with the wild and crazy films that used to be the bread and butter of the fest. This is more like a film that should be at the New York Film Festival in the fall then what long time fans of NYAFF expect. 

Very much an art film, this film is a film that has higher aspirations what just telling a story. While the film has some images that will be burned into your head, the meaningful narration and the very deliberate visual style often keeps this film of the head as opposed to the heart.  Intellectually I clicked with the films musings on life and existence, but at the same time I remained distant emotionally. 

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