Sunday, July 23, 2023

The Abandoned (2022)NYAFF 2023 Fantasia 2023

Burned out cop who is about to commit suicide is surprised when people come running around her car, fleeing from a dead body. This sends the reluctant detective to team up with a newbie to track down a serial killer.

This mix of one part psychological study and one part thriller results in a  moody trip to the dark side. The film also has something to say about the way people see migrants since the victims all appear to be one. But don't worry about that last part this is a gritty thriller that is likely to get under your skin.

 I really liked this film a great deal, Sure there is a few too many pregnant silences, but the the thriller itself is so compelling that you are going to want to see how this plays out...and then you'll want to see it again to see what you missed.


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