Thursday, July 20, 2023

Mother May I (2023) opens tomorrow

In the wake of the passing of his mother, a man’s fiancé  begins to act strangely taking on the personality of the deceased woman.

Walking the fine lines between horror thrillers and drama MOTHER MAY I is a small film that you have to give yourself over to. You can’t have expectations going in, rather you need to just go in and let the movie play out before your eyes and let it work its magic.

A low budget and low key film with not a lot of locations the film is instead a tour deforce coupling of actors Kyle Gallner and Holland Roden. They are on screen the whole time and they are the reason we remain staring at the screen. It helps that writer director Laurence Vannicelli use the age old trick of just pointing the camera and letting the actors do all the work. Vannicelli’s use of long takes focused on the actors up close draws us in and creates the illusion that this is really happening. It’s cinematic magic.

While this film isn’t going to work for everyone, those wanting a jump scare filled thriller or  will be disappointed. On the other hand those who like powerhouse performances and carefully considered thrillers with a sting in the tail are going to eat this up.

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