Thursday, July 13, 2023

Bad Education (2022) NYAFF 2023

The set up of BAD EDUCATION would seem to make it seem at least a little humorous. The reality is this is a film that turns the bad night out with friends genre on its head in ways that even dark versions of it haven't managed to achieve.

The set up has a group of friends telling stories of the worst thing they have ever done. It's not always clear if the things happened or its boasting. When one of them doesn't have a tale, they decide to do something about it and it all goes to hell.

While I'm not going to lie and say the film is perfect, the film at times feels a bit to much like a morality tale then a trip to the sewer, but the film most certainly creates a horrible sense of dread. Lines are crossed, bad things happen, cries get caught in our throat and "oh ----no" will be said out loud to no one more than a few times. This is a film that will make you squirm in your seat.

The temptation is to talk too much about this film, but you really should go in blind. The less you know the better. Trust me.

If you want the truth, I wasn't going to cover this film. It was mixed in with a bunch of titles and I was going to ignore it. Then I decided to just try it to see what it is. Basically, I went into this film with no expectations. Actually, I went into the film expecting to watch ten or fifteen minutes and then jump to something else. I never jumped. I was too must talking at the screen and wondering where this was going to move on to the next thing. Films like this the sort of nightmarish discoveries that made me fall in love with NYAFF.

A hidden gem of this years NYAFF, BAD EDUCATION is recommended.

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