Sunday, October 22, 2023


ADIPRUSH was supposed to play Tribeca but was pulled for supposedly because they were afraid of it being bootlegged before it was released. It's an odd thing because I've never ever seen any cameras at Tribeca except during the Q&A.(And since it was supposed to play in 3D any image would have been unwatchable).  There was also a story saying that the reason it was pulled so everyone could see it. 

When the film actually opened in theaters the talk on my Twitter feed was it was pulled because the film wasn't good and they wanted to get it into theaters before word leaked out. Twitter was also aflame with people condemning the film the film for changing history and the story it is telling. Some people were saying the film was sacrilegious in what it did. 

Not being at all familiar with the story I can not speak to what the film's accuracy in telling it's story, however I can speak to how the film hit a guy who just wandered in off the street and watched it on Netflix and that is this is a pretty wild action adventure. It moves like the wind, probably a little too fast, but at the same time it just goes.

You will forgive me if I don't go into details. I wasn't taking notes I was just being carried along by the motion and the images. I had a grand time. I had such a good time that I wish I had seen it in a theater and 3D.

Is this the best film in the world? No but it is a lot of fun. It's a three hour rollercoaster.


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