Saturday, October 28, 2023

Another Body (2023) at Globe Docs 2023 and in theaters in LA and NYC

Taylor Klein is sent a link to a porn video from a friend. She thinks its someone pretending to be her friend- but she quickly realizes that it is her friend and they have bad news- someone has created porn videos with her face in them. She is the victim of deep fakes, computer generated images and sounds that  are being used in various places, such as porn and politics to nefarious ends.

One part mystery as to who was behind the deep fake and one part social exploration of the use of deep fakes  ANOTHER BODY is largely going to keep you glued to the screen. You are going to want to know how things like this is happening as well as well as who was responsible for  doing this to Taylor...and other women.

I'm not certain how much to say about this film narratively. There is a reason having to do with its construction which is kind of like the layers of an onion with revelations as you go. I don't want to spoil the surprises.

On other levels this film is a killer. The fact that someone can make false versions of ourselves and out them out there is frightening. People blindly believe anything they find on line, hence much of the pain and misery we see cropping up as people blindly believe what they see. The film will open your eyes to what is being done...and in the case of our lawmakers, not done since there are not many laws to prevent this from happening or punishing anyone who uses deep fakes. It's frightening. I was shocked at how little can be done. 

You really have to see this film which is playing on the Globe Docs Streaming Platform and in theaters in NYC and LA.

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