Sunday, October 15, 2023

The Man In The White Van (2023) Newport Beach Film Festival

In 1974 a young woman is stalked by a mysterious man in a white van. Although she notices it no one else does until Halloween when he moves to kidnap her.

This is an okay thriller that is trying to capture the time and place of the 1970’s and never quite does. Sure the 70’s were a time of lost innocence but having lived through them, I was ten when the film is set, the film kind of feels more like the movies idea of 1974 then the real thing.  People were not as perfectly dressed and styled as they are here…in every shot.

The real problem wit the film is it never gets the tone right. Bouncing between the stalking and a coming of age drama  the film kind of flounders  for much of it’s run time toggling back and forth instead of blending.  It kind of feels like you’re bouncing between two TV stations  that suddenly end up in the same place. The suspense  we should feel is never really generated and instead we are simply left wondering how it will end.  It doesn’t help that the stalker remains faceless throughout. He is just a shadow or a shape, forever an existential threat rather than something real.

I was disappointed. It’s not bad but it isn’t anything special

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