Thursday, October 5, 2023

Mercy Road (2023)

A father makes a mad dash to save his kidnapped daughter in MERCY ROAD, a compelling if not really logical thriller.

Set almost entirely in a car containing the harried father after he did something really bad, the film is an  adrenaline infused thrill ride. It’s a film that is running on full cylinders from the get go. Because we are starting in the middle of the action we are left to pick up the pieces as we go. It’s frantic phone calls as dad has to deal with the his ex wife, a crisis counselor, his job , his daughter’s boyfriend and man claiming to be the one who has his daughter. It’s a wild ride that requires us to keep on our toes since we have to sort out what exactly happened and why. As a thrill ride this film is great fun the first time through as we try to sort it all out.

I’m not sure how this is going to play a second time. It’s not that the film is bad, but more that the fun of the film is trying to figure out what is really going on. Starting the film a second time I was struck by the notion that the film wasn’t quite as good because the suspense was gone. Additionally there are little inconsistencies that I picked up in the plotting because I could see how it was all supposed to lay out. That doesn’t make it a bad film, especially the first time through, it just means it may not get as many repeat viewings.

That said definitely worth a look

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