Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Strange Way of Life (2023) NYFF 2023

Pedro Almodóvar brought his half hour western to the New York Film Festival and everyone was delighted.

The film is the story of two lovers in the old west who come together for the first time in decades. Is it a chance meeting or is is because Ethan Hawk is a sheriff looking to hunt down Pedro Pascal's son who killed Hawk's sister in law.

STRANGE WAY OF LIFE is a wonderful little film. It's a beautifully acted film about desire that left everyone wanting it to continue.

After the film Almodóvar spoke for about 35 minutes and had everyone in the palm of his hands. His talk was a discussion of the western genre, why he has been making short films and other related things. Actually the most important thing is that he said that after the film premiered people kept asking him what happened next.  He then said that he worked out what happened after the end of the film-- and then he told us. Everyone in there was delighted to know what happened- and we all hoped he will make it into a feature film. And when I mean we all I mean everyone who was at the screening since afterward Peter Gutierrez spoke with several people outside the screening and everyone was of that opinion.

This is a great film so track it down- and then find the Q&A video so you know what happens next.

ADDENDUM: The Q&A is here

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