Monday, October 9, 2023

PRAYING FOR ARMAGEDDON (2023) Hamptons 2023

Premiering at the Hamptons Film Festival just as Israel and Hamas begin an a new round of hostilities PRAYING FOR ARMAGEDDON is as timely a film as they come. Telling the story of how the American far right conservative christian evangelicals are backing Israel with the intention of triggering the end days and the end of the world the film will give you the biggest scare of the year.

There have been several films over the last few years talking about how the American evangelicals are pushing to trigger the end times so they can a void death and go to heaven, but none are as chilling as this one. Beginning with a ceremony where a biker minister knights men willing to become soldiers for christ, the film lays out these crazies are influencing policy in the hope that they will get to fight on Jesus' side and be lifted up into heaven during the rapture. It's terrifying because the mind set is such it doesn't take into account that this could all blow back on them...or that they could be wrong. They are a grand influencial death cult making moves that could destroy the world

What makes this film so vital, and the reason I found a slot to cover it, is the fact, for better or worse this film gives an insight into a group of people who are causing rifts to appear and violence to occur so that that can find peace and love in an after life that may or may not be real. Having the ear of lawmakers and Presidents that have had moves made (the shifting of the American Embassy in Israel) designed not to bring better understanding but to check off the boxes on a list given in the one version of the end times that they find most appealing. (Why they would want an end times full of blood, war and destruction only goes to show how little love they have in their hearts for anyone other then themselves).

PRAYING FOR ARMAGEDDON shook me to my core. I knew these people were bad, but I never realized just how bad and unchristian they truly are. After all how can they preach about saving souls when their goal is simply to destroy other people's. 

This is an important film that needs to be seen by as many people as possible because it reveals just how dangerous the people with the ears or our lawmakers are. They are a bunch of reasoned nut jobs looking to destroy the end of the world in order to save their souls and eliminate everyone else.

Possibly the scariest film of 2023 and as such highly recommended.

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