Tuesday, October 17, 2023


Written directed and starring Andrew Bowser is the story of a nebbish who goes to the home of his demonic idol to take part in a ritual to raise a demon. Things of course go horribly wrong….

Based on Bowsers web series ONYX is a great deal of fun. Riffing on tons of similar films from the film nails pretty much everything so perfectly that you really won’t notice that it is paying homages to various other films.  This is the way filmmakers should pay homage to the films they love and not in the showy ways that other creators tend to do it.

I really loved this film a great deal it made me smile from ear to ear pretty much from the first frame to the last.

If there is anything really wrong with the film it’s the in the performance of writer director Bower who has a very mannered low key rapid fire style of speaking that is quite frankly annoying as all hell. I wanted to smack him and tell him to stop it… and then I realized that everything around him was so wonderful I’d put up with his performance just because everything else was so good. Honestly I would have put this on my best of the year list if Bower was less over the top.

Reservation aside this film is a great deal of fun so if you love films like GOONIES, MONSTER SQUAD, BEETLEJUICE and similar films you will have a great time here.

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