Sunday, October 8, 2023



Director Paul B. Preciado ‘s ORLANDO MY POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY is a look at his life, the lives of other trans men and women as a real world equivalent of Virginia Wolff’s character who went to bed one night as man and woke up as a woman.

Winner of numerous awards in festivals across the globe ORLANDO has touched a nerve for many. I’m curious how the film will play for members of the trans community.  I know that there were times watching the film I was wondering if I was going to be able to review the film since the film speaks so honestly of an experience outside my own I wasn’t certain I could relate.

In the end I was largely moved by the film.  It is, in its way, a giant warm hug of a film that reveals the experience of being trans to anyone who will listen. It’s a film that is going to help generations of people trying to find themselves a place, which is something way more important than any discussion of good or bad.

Is the film perfect? No. It’s rough a round the edges with some sequences running a bit long. I think it could have used some more of the stories of the actors talking about their lives. Despite that the film has a real beating heart that overcomes any flaws.

This is a good film and worth a look.

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