Saturday, October 28, 2023

DON’T TELL LARRY (2023) Austin Film Festival

Dark office farcical comedy about two friends scheming to get ahead at their company who say something to the off center Larry and suddenly find themselves sliding down a dark path as events spiral away from them and Larry gets more sinister.

I was not planning on covering this film because I was too swamped with an upcoming festival, but the right person leaned in and whispered into my ear that this was going to be the perfect palette cleanse for all of the documentaries that I was watching. I didn’t think they were right and I didn’t think I would be able to make time, but both things somehow happened.

While I like a good comedy I can be mixed in farce. When Farce is done right it brings belly laughs, when it’s done wrong the over the top nature can make the jokes cringey. Fortunately with LARRY the filmmakers get the tone exactly right and as a result the laughs keep rolling through the whole film. What impressed me was that even as the tension goes up because the stakes become dire  the film remains very funny. We are laughing as we are sitting on the edge of our seat because it’s just so funny.

I went from not wanting to see this film, to telling a bunch of my friends who cover films that they want to include the film in their upcoming coverage.

In an age when comedies can be crap shoot DON’T TELL LARRY is a winner.

Worth a look at the Austin Film Festival this weekend or wherever you can see it.

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