Friday, October 6, 2023

Avenue of the Giants (2023) Hamptons 2023

Stephen Lang gives an arresting performance as Herbert Heller who was a Holocaust survivor who refused to talk about his past. Opening up to Abbey, a teen dealing with her own demons he finds he can finally tell his story. Heller would go on to tell his story to thousands of people, connecting them to the darkness we must never forget.

While not particularly remarkable o the face of it, THE AVENUE OF THE GIANTS  soars because of the cast. First and foremost is Stephen Lang who is so good playing the 70 something Heller. Lang is so good that despite his being the reason I wanted to see the film I  didn’t connect him to the role. Here was a little old man shuffling through his life nuke David Blumm who plays Herbert as a kid is equally good, making it believable that he grew up to be lang.

Elsie Fisher as Abbey is very good too. Taking a role that in other hands could have just come off as a deus ex machina she infuses it with humanity and as such is vital to the film.

This is a really good film and definitely worth your time.

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