Sunday, October 1, 2023

Take 2: The Boy And The Heron (2023) NYFF 2023

I  have seen THE BOY AND THE HERON a second time. I went to the first public screening. 

Actually I took my niece to the film. It was her first film festival screening and her first Ghibli film on the big screen.

For me the film the second time the film was much deeper. It plays very much like a novel. There is a complexity there that you only realize on a repeated viewing. Yes I know in my original review that it was dense, but there is even more there than I thought.

What amazed me was that on this second time through how much the film was now part of my DNA. I watched it the way I watch films I've seen dozens of times.

May god is it good.

But what I think doesn't matter. The real question is what did my 13 year old niece think?

Her one word review " AWESOME"

She would gladly go back if I could score tickets(assuming the Parakeets don't stop me.)

My brother said that she was leaning forward, eyes wide and staring. 

You all need to see this.

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