Friday, October 6, 2023

Return to Reason: Short Films by Man Ray (restoration 2022) NYFF 2022

Four films made by legendary artist Man Ray in the 1920's restored and played with a modern score.

Cinematic equivalent of the photographs by Man Ray. Its distorted images, people wearing masks and intriguing use of light and shadow.  While the films were made separately the fact that they are by the same director links them up. Watching the films there were times when I thought this really was one film.

I'm not sure if one can say if this is good or bad, rather it's a an experience. It's a collection that works you over on a visceral level. Surreal? Absolutely. 

If you want to see the cinematic work of a great artist see this film. If you want to see films that have influenced hundreds of films you'll want to see it. (You'll catch all sorts moments that were of lifted and riffed)

While I've seen these films before, seeing this on the big screen was a trip. 

Worth a look for the adventurous

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