Sunday, October 22, 2023

The Devil on Trial (2023) on Netflix

This is the true story of the tale of the trial of Arne Cheyenne which was told in THE CONJURING 3, but this time by the people who lived it. The film is the story of an alleged possession that resulted in murder. At trial the defense attempted to use the defense of demonic possession but the court was not going to allow it.

This is not a film that is going to back up the tale told in the  Hollywood film, this is something else. This is the story of a deeply troubled and fragmented family coming to terms with a series of events that left it shattered, though not because any demonic possession was involved. I say this because while the film charts the course of a possession for the first half of the film, the film flips and revelations come to light that are in its way most troubling. For those who love the Conjuring films the most shocking is going to be that Ed and Lorraine Warren were money grubbing frauds (we hear audio recordings of discussions of money deals for books). I wasn't shocked at the revelations other than this is the first time I've seen a a major outlet dare to say the Warrrens were frauds. Most places hold them in high (financial) rehard since their sensational stories bring viewers.  However anyone who knows the real story of the Amityville Horror scam, and how that was cooked up as a money grab, knows they are just after the money.

I liked THE DEVIL ON TRIAL.  I liked it's rare attempt at not buying the bullshit in the popular version of the story and being willing to look behind the curtain. That's a rare thing these days since TV seems to sell the crap (look at the Ghosthunters, Bigfoot shows)because of ratings.

Worth a look.

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