Wednesday, October 4, 2023

TEXAS USA (2023)


A look at several people who are in office and running for office in Texas who are not the stereotypical far right conservatives that most people think of when they think Texas politics. These are people who are trying to make the state and the country a better place instead of spewing hate and stoking up the crowds.

This is a good and very much needed reminder that not everyone in a Red State is actually a Republican Conservative.  It is reminder that despite the fact that the crazies and the nut jobs get the media attention there are people who are actually trying to do the right thing and are getting elected despite not being one of the gang.

This is a very good and very hopeful film that will serve as a reminder that the populations of places be they Texas, New York, Montana or wherever are never all one thing.

You’ll forgive me if I don’t say more since in this politically charged days I am trying hard to keep the review focused on the film and not go off on a rant.

I will however end by say the film is recommended

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