Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The Delinquents (2023) NYFF 2023

Bank teller decides to rob his bank. Taking just over twice what he would have earned if he had worked 25 years Moran steals the money and and has co-worker Roman hide hide it. Moran turns himself in figuring he will get three and a half years and then be free. However complications occur.

This meandering crime drama/comedy is either going to thrill you or make you get up and walk out. Running 189 minutes the film takes it's time telling its story. Wandering here and there as it does pins out. Very much about life and how things don't always go as we planned the film expands roughly an hour of plot into three plus.  The result is an interesting story in puffed up packaging.

This is a film you either love or loath. While extremely well done, the pacing can seem glacial.  Things happen but often in slower than real time. Moments feel stretched. Director Rodrigo Moreno is doing so to upset our expectations, but that isn't a good thing since I found I was looking at the clock much too often. In reading on the film, I found reaction split everyone agreeing it's a good story but disagreeing with the pacing.

Personally, I could have lived with the pacing if the payoff was something more moving, but it wasn't, and the result is a film I liked but didn't love and was left to wonder if I ever will watch it again.

Worth a look for fans of slow cinema, all others are advised to research it before you go in.

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