Monday, October 2, 2023

Objects (2021) hits VOD tomorrow

In time when everyone is pushing to declutter and get rid of everything we own (some declutterers are so insane I’m surprised they don’t have us getting rid of our homes and families) this is a look at the things we choose to keep and the reasons we do so.

This is a small gem of a film. Where everyone wants to shift to everything digitally. Its so nice that some people want to keep and hold onto things that mean something to them. As is repeated through out the film, the things we keep are a connection to a time when we were happy. They are an actual physical proof that these things happened.

As a packrat myself I was delighted to find other people like me.  For me the objects around me are a living memory of the places I went to and the things I did. When the film was done I wanted to go hug my stuff.

This film is a joy and recommended .

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