Thursday, October 26, 2023

Boudica Queen Of War (2023) opens tomorrow

Olga Kurylenko  stars as the legendary Queen of the Iceni tribe in England who came really damn close to pushing the Romans from England. When her husband died he left half his kingdom to his daughters and half to the Romans. The Romans instead seized it all, raped Boudicia’s daughters, and pissed off the wrong woman. She then raised an army and lead it against the Legions killing close to 100,000 Romans.

While the film is being advertised as a grand action film, the truth is this film is more talk than action. While the film has some sporadic moments of action, this film is for the large part what happened before the violence happened.  There is nothing wrong with that except that the film has Queen of War in the title and we only get to war in the final third. As a result the film’s pacing seems off since if this long period of political turns it suddenly feels like a sprint to the end when the revolt comes.  There is nothing wrong with the two parts, rather  it feels like slow build up to a fast resolution.

That said the action when it comes is ugly and brutal. The deaths, as they would be in real life, are gory and blood soaked. People die screaming as limbs fly and intestines fall out. This is the ugly side of war that we’ve never really seen before.

While I love the two parts of the film I only like the film as a whole.  That said the two parts are killer and worth a look if you want some nasty sword battles.

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