Wednesday, October 25, 2023

ID EST (2023)

ID EST is a film I really like and I am really annoyed with.  I love this small compact moment in time science fiction tale, but this is a film that needs to be expanded because within its brief running time plot bleeds off the screen and all over the floor; I want to know more.

The plot has a group of prospectors having a rough landing on a planet. As they sort out where they are they are attacked...

Spinning off on the idea that there are different types of leaches the film raises a number of questions about our relationship to the earth and each other. While the narrative focuses on one moment in time there are references through fleeting flashbacks to a larger story. What happened before and just who is everyone? We don't know, though the film is intriguing enough that we want to.

And the brevity and not having answers is the films one flaw. As much as I like what is here this needs to be expanded. As I said above the plot and characters bleed off the screen so much, we need to get answers to the myriad of questions it raises.

One to track down, but be prepared to want more.

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