Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The Burial (2023)

Tommy Lee Jones plays a funeral home owner who is fleeced by a mega corporation specializing in funerary services. On the verge of bankruptcy he files suit against the company. He then hires an attorney played by Jamie Foxx, who is an expert winning over the jury.

Super true life comedy drama should have been given a push and longer theatrical run by Amazon. The exact sort of crowd pleaser that pulls in the audiences would have had a nice return. I say that it's odd that Amazon didn't put more behind it since the film is getting screenings for awards consideration. Why give a push to a film you barely released.

As it stands this is a really good film. I sat and really watched it in one go on Prime, which is something I don't usually do. Normally I will do other things while watching, but I was so happy with the film I decided to take a night off and just watch the film.

Blessed with a solid script and a killer cast THE BURIAL does everything right. We fall into the film because the cast beckons us to come, sit down and stay awhile. The script  is near perfect, and outside of us knowing where this is going to end, keeps us guessing how it's going to get there.

This film is a joy and recommended. 

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