Thursday, October 5, 2023

LA CHIMERA (2023) NYFF 2023

Alice Rohrwacher‘s latest LA CHIMERA is an interesting, if rambling portrait of an Englishman wandering through Italy.

Arthur has just gotten out of prison. He just wants to go back home and pine for his lost love. His friends want to put his skills as a dowser to good use and help them find lost tombs and buried antiquities.  As things go he tries to stay out of trouble and debates going after his love’s grandmother’s student.

Nice slice of life with people living on the edge of society, LA CHIMERA mostly works. It’s good time with some interesting characters. I enjoyed myself.

If the film has any trouble it’s in the final fifteen minutes or so where the films rambling nature begins to wear thin. You begin to wonder when the film is going to end…and how. When the end come its kind of out of left field and it left me, and the others I spoke with at my screening, feeling as though it came not so much having a place to end but a need to stop (I’ve run out of film, I’ll end here)

Odd ending aside, LA CHIMERA is worth a look.

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