Friday, October 27, 2023

Who Killed Jill Dando (2023)

Jill Dando was, according to the series WHO KILLED JILL DANDO a woman second in the hearts of UK  TV watchers only to Princess Diana. She was a woman every one loved. As a result when she was found shot outside her home in 1999 the country was rocked.

Speculation as to who the killer was rampant. Who could do such a thing? She was such a sweet person, who could have done it and wise. Following up on every lead the police eventually arrested a suspect but there were problems with the case and despite his being convicted at one trial, he was acquitted at a second and as a result the case is still open.

Following the story from the murder onward this Netflix series dives into the material with wild abandon. It tells us everything we need to know about the case, or as much as it can since the resolution as to who done it, isn’t there. Why that is explored in the film.

I liked this  series a great deal. I liked it enough that I actually watched it in one go. I’m not quite certain why it needs to be multi-parts nor as long as it is  since a couple of times some of the film seems to be vamping to fill time.

Actually the vamping is not really the problem, the problem with the film for me  is that in looking back it should have done more explaining how the murder probably is tired to either the war in Balkans  or to organized crime.  I say this because the possibilities keep getting mentioned but aren’t really given details. I’m still not clear as to why anyone in the Balkans would want her dead other than she was speaking out. Since it is alleged at one point that it was supposed to be sending a message the question becomes to whom? Yes there are clues, but they really aren’t connected up.  The notion of it being a mob hit makes more sense but we don’t really know why. I say this because the film ends with one of the talking heads saying it was a mob hit but he can’t say why since to do so would reveal who and get him killed. It’s an odd way to end things. Since it really isn’t satisfying. I know life isn’t neat but after an almost three hour trip we should have something a bit more concrete

Don’t get me wrong, I like the film, I just wanted more details

Worth a look

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