Thursday, October 26, 2023

NOBODY IS CRAZY (2019) is on VOD


This is the story of Rafa, a young man with OCD and few friends who meets and becomes intrigued by Nobody, a young man who always wears a black mask and who claims to be a time traveler. Through his interactions with the time traveler, Rafa begins to open up and connect with the world.

This is a low key comedy that at first doesn’t seem like it’s going to do anything special. It seems for a brief time to be a typical drama, and then it slowly turns, the characters begin to grow on us and we end up faling in love with the characters on the screen and want to see where this charming tale is going to take us.

After finishing the small gem NOBODY IS CRAZY I went looking to see what other people thought. I was certain that this small little confection must have a fan base of some sort. Oddly I could only find one review of the film. I am not pointing this out to cast aspersions on the film, but rather the crappy state of film writing. With so many people writing or trying to write on film, very few of us are wading into the  pools and looking to find hidden gems like NOBODY IS CRAZY. Every one wants to cover the new Scorsese or new Nolan, but no one wants to talk about the films  that are made by great filmmakers like Federico J. Arioni. I know part of the problem is that sites want the bigger films because they theoretically get the clicks on opening weekend. The truth though is that after the initial rush people will be looking for other things to watch, they are going to want to know that there are good films out there like NOBODY IS CRAZY that they can see and that they are going to like. For Unseen Films the big films are not what people are looking for, the pieces that attract attention are the smaller films like NOBODY IS CRAZY in part because people know we are going to highlight great off the beaten track films, but also because we are going to be one of the sites where they actually might find word on a gem like this.

NOBODY IS CRAZY is a delight, it’s exactly the sort of film that Unseen Films was set up to highlight, a small gem that isn’t big and splashy, but something warm and fuzzy.

Recently released to the various streaming services in the US NOBODY IS CRAZY is worth a look.

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