Saturday, November 26, 2016

A whole bunch of capsule reviews: Deadly Intent, Scared Topless, Krampus Unleashed, Blood Brothers, Hotel of the Damned, and It Watches

I have been seeing a whole bunch of low budget horror films that were sent to me. I've had mixed reactions to them and while I wanted to write them up I found I didn't have a lot to say so I wrote up a bunch of short reviews and put them together

Okay thriller about a family trying to move on after the death of the father in combat. The trouble is the son insists he is seeing his father. Okay horror film is done in by just okay staging and editing that lets the scenes run without really generating any tension.

So close to hardcore porn ghost story has little to recommend it since it is really just a collection of sex scenes with women with large breasts. While I have nothing against softcore films there is so little plot one has to wonder why they even bothered with the pretense of a plot and just made a pure sex film. Seriously I've seen actual porn films with more plot and characters.

 Desert set demon film that just sort of is. I lost interest pretty early despite hanging in to the end. I was hoping there was something of interest. Nope.

Some people really loved this story of crazy brothers doing terrible things to prove how smart they are (its a Leopold and Loeb retread) but some how it just missed for me.

Good film about people running afoul of cannibals around an old abandoned hotel. I don't think it makes any sense even internally but as far as a horror genre time passer go this isn't that bad and is something I would gladly watch again.

Okay found footage film about a guy left to house sit for a friend while his friend goes off to do a reality TV series where people are put into a house and scared. However it quickly becomes clear something is amiss in the house. Logic gaps and too twisty turns derail what might have been an okay "haunted house thriller"

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