Monday, November 21, 2016

Ariela cheers THE SWIM TEAM (2016) DOC NYC 2016

Swim Team is the story of 3 Autistic boys who belong on an autistic swim team called the Hammerheads in New Jersey.

NJ has highest rate of autism in the country. 1 out of 26 boys in New Jersey has autism.

Autism is characterized by difficulties in communication and socializing, as well as repetitive behaviors.

The Hammerheads was started by a husband and wife that have an autistic boy named Mikey. The father knew it wouldn’t be easy but wanted to give the kids something to do. He said many people don’t give autistic kids a chance, and this gives them something.

The three boys the documentary focuses on are Mikey, Robbie and Kelvin. Mikey knows he has autism and wonders why God made him different. He said he feels normal when he’s swimming. Robbie knows he’s a little different but doesn’t seem bothered by the fact. His mom more so worries about his future because she feels that school doesn’t prepare him for the future. They told him he could go to Walmart and learn how to stock, but that isn’t what he wants to do. He has dreams and passions. Kelvin has both autism and tourettes, and feels uncomfortable and upset with his ticks. He even feels uncomfortable on the swim team.

Swim Team is both a very moving and uplifting documentary. Many of the parents’ doctors told them their kids couldn’t speak, and here now they are swimming, socializing and some even wind up getting jobs or joining the regular high school swim team. It gives an inside look at autistic teens. All the teens have such different personalities. Swimming gave these teens confidence and taught them social skills for how to communicate in the world and with their peers. The film makes you hope for the best for them. I definitely recommend this one!

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