Friday, November 4, 2016

Gold Coast Film Festival Starts next Thursday

If you are on or near the North Shore of Long Island you need to take a trip up to and attend the Gold Coast Film Festival. For the last five years the festival has cherry picked some of the best films from across the world and brought them together to Long Island.

You would think that being less than an hour from New York City the North Shore of Long Island would be awash in cinematic delights, and while that is occasionally the case, it’s only when Gold Coast happens we are reminded how much the area isn’t getting. Spread out across the communities of Great Neck and Port Washington and Manhasset the festival seeks to bring cinematic culture to a wider audience. Its something that they manage to do every year.

This year the festival runs from November 9 to the 15th and it is full of all sorts of goodies. I know I’ve seen a bunch of the films.

Burn Country (formerly called The Fixer)
Gold Balls
Last Laugh
Miss Sharon Jones
I have seen The Wonderful Kingdom Of Papa Alaev and a review will be running in a couple of day in connection to both the Gold Coast Film Festival and DOC NYC. Its a charming film about a family  and the patriarch who controls it all.

I have seen Sonita but only gave the film a casule review to at Human Rights Watch : Its a portrait of a young woman from Tehran who wants to be a hip hop star and the path she takes to get there. A rough a round the edges film, its a very good look at something we really don't think about, namely hip hop from Iran.

Because of conflicts with things in my real life I’m not sure how much I’m going to get to but as of right now it looks like I may get to some stuff on the last two days of the festival. Full reports are coming so keep reading.

And go buy tickets here

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