Wednesday, November 9, 2016

DOC NYC capsule reviews 95 AND 6 TO GO and KEN DEWEY THIS IS A TEST

95 AND 6 TO GO
Kimi Takesue was filming her grandfather Tom's day to day life when he expressed an interest in her screenplay. The talks about the screenplay led to her grandfather talking about his life over the previous 95 years

Charming portrait of a man, his life and family  in his own words. It is by turns funny and moving and back again as we really get to know the man himself. Is essentially a one man show as Tom is front and center for most of the films 85 minutes.  I know the lack of motion may bother some people, I frequently closed my eyes and just listened, but at the same time it must be said that this is as close as we will ever getting to actually meeting the man.

Recommended for any one who wants to see a very intimate of an intriguing man

Portrait of  Ken Dewey who bridged the worlds of art and theater and changed the world by changing the way people thought about both.

Very good portrait of a man most people have no idea ever existed. As a historian in Scotland says at the beginning even though she knew how he shook up the theater world at a 1963 theater conference in Scotland by staging a happening that reflected the conference it self, thus ratting everyone's cages, she didn't know that much about him beyond that. Sally Jean Williams film seeks to change that.

To be honest I'm not sure she fully succeeds. While there is no doubt she brings Dewey's achievements to light and life, there is something missing. I never fully got a sense of the man or a sense of the changes wrought by him on the larger scale. Yes I know intellectually how it all went down, but emotionally there is no "AH HA!!" moment where it all clicks and I felt I truly and completely understand.

Reservation aside a must see for anyone who is interested in the history of art music and theater of the last 50 years.

Both films play November 12. For Tickets and more information go here.

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